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Process recharge your batteries

4 days, 4 seminar contents, tools suitable for everyday use for  new approaches and ways to a healthy everyday life, with opportunities for mutual exchange

Nutrition, healthy but simple

Nutrition is an essential part of your health. Conscious and mindful eating, natural supporters for your intestines and healthy foods help you return to a positive everyday life.


Mental strength  -  Ice bathing 

Mental strength helps you in many uncertain situations. It shows you what power is in you and you can develop your true strength. Let yourself go on new adventures and grow beyond yourself.


Alexander Technique

Coming out of a change strengthened. Recognize and change your habits and find your new powerful path. 


Exercise / sport -
Harmony with your  body

Movement supports and strengthens the body. Not only do the cells, organs and muscles benefit, but the mind as well. Mindful and conscious movements are the key.

Zebras in freier Wildbahn

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