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Give strength to young parents after cancer.

Regain strength as a
young mom or dad for your life
 after cancer.

4 days of recharging your batteries as an alternative to 3-week rehab.
We finance ourselves exclusively through private support.

CANCER defeated -
      regain strength 

We offer support in challenging times.

The “Krafttankstelle” association comes into play where there is currently still a lack of suitable support for people who have had cancer. We offer a tailor-made program for young mothers and young dads after cancer therapy.  

In a four-day program, we will provide you with techniques from experts that will help you strengthen yourself and do your body good.  


Why four days? Because we know from our own experience that three-week rehab is difficult for young mothers and young dads. Four days, on the other hand, are a viable option.

You benefit from the knowledge that we have gained after cancer. You don't have to start everything from scratch yourself. You can start right away with the "recharge your batteries".  


Good to know: The program is funded by donations and is free of charge for participants.


 for the areas of nutrition, sport, mental training,  .. 


Discover your inner strength and strength


Together with  

Like-minded people into a new positive life

Power place

Recharge your batteries in a relaxing environment and emerge stronger than before

“Anyone who is thrown out of their usual path sometimes thinks that all is lost.
But in reality something new is just beginning. "

Gisela Rieger


our mission

So it could have been .....

Anna is 38 years old and the mother of two sons: Martin is 7 years old and Thomas is 9 years old. About a year ago Anna was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer and was torn from her usual life.

Many therapies and treatments followed.


For many months Anna only counted the thought of defeating cancer. She spent a lot of time in hospitals and with doctors. Time that she and her family missed. So there was great relief when she was recently released as cured.


But now Anna is struggling with new problems. Before she was diagnosed, Anna was athletic, energetic, and powerful. Her health was a matter of course for her.

Now you were plagued by loneliness and insecurity. Questions like “How can I become the person I was again?”, “What can I do to strengthen my body again after this difficult time?”, “How can I make my everyday life healthier” remained open to Anna.  

A three-week rehab was out of the question for Anna. She didn't want to be separated from her family for so long again. What to do?

Unser Angebot
Kraft tanken

regain strength

How does it work?

You want to know more about the retreat

experience and how it works?

Apply now!

Here you can apply and recharge your batteries


"Health is more than what you eat and how you move, it is also about what you think and say."

give strength

You are happy to be healthy and you cannot imagine how it could ever be otherwise. That is precisely why you want to support people to think positively and to look to a healthy future with courage and confidence.


Or maybe you know too  someone who has just had cancer and would like to support people after this difficult situation?

No matter how high your contribution is, you help with it. Every euro brings a few minutes of new possibilities.

All in all, a lot of euros together can make a big difference.


Be there and give strength and thus new courage. 

Kraft spenden

"4 Tage an einem unvergesslichen Ort, schenken dir wieder Kraft und Energie für den Alltag. Als Mutter von 2 Kindern, war diese Auszeit ein wunderschönes Geschenk. Die inspirierenden Impulse waren eine Wohltat für die Seele. Danke, dass ich dabei sein durfte.
Eveline, Teilnehmerin



Kunst schenkt Kraft 2.0
im Cafe Freudig


 Termine 2023/24


13. - 16. Mai 2024
14. - 17. Oktober 2024
18. - 21. November 2024


about us

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Edith Aigner

"As a young mother, dealing with cancer was not always easy for me. My vision is to help other affected people with my experiences and to give strength to people in similar situations."


Elfriede Hummer-Pritz

"As a mother of two, supporting young parents in difficult times is particularly important to me. Professionally, marketing is exactly my thing and that is also one of my tasks in our club."

We, Elfriede and Edith,  founded the “Krafttankstelle” association to provide recovered cancer patients with techniques, practices and opportunities for a healthy new life.


Together we stand up for young mothers and young dads who have suffered a stroke of fate with cancer in terms of health.


The idea was born from me (Edith) because I  I've had cancer myself and know what is important in the time after recovery and where there may still be deficits in terms of care after the illness.

Über uns
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